XBody’s EMS Actiwave Hybrid


Product Details:

The world’s first hybrid EMS device that allows training with and without cable at the same time. Actiwave was designed to fit any EMS training needs and any business models, while offering never before seen earning opportunities. Multiply your revenue with Group Training sessions for up to 6 clients and double the turnover of your EMS microstudio with not just one but 2 or more training sessions at the same time with only one device.

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    The Hybrid – Wired & Wireless training

    Wired training is optimal for classic EMS training with simplified exercises. Wireless training gives you the possibilities and total freedom for all type of sport specific or functional movements, you can even go running with XBody’s wireless Go-Out function.
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    Dual Training – Two trainings on one device

    Thanks to Actiwave’s advanced technology, strengthening and cardio trainings can be performed at the same time, maximizing the utilization of a single device and speeding up turnover. One Actiwave can replace two traditional EMS devices.
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    Individual or synchronized training programs for 1-6 clients

    Set up different training programs and choose the right settings for each of your clients in the group. Modify the settings individually during the training if necessary, providing your clients with personal training experience even during group sessions using our professional operation routines.
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    Separating sessions & Late Check-in option

    Our development team regularly launches new features in their software updates so you can always have the best technology. With some of these major updates, you can now run one or separate sessions during the Group Trainings, which means you can give six separate trainings at the same time. Using the “late check-in option” you can add more clients to the group continually, without having to stop the training of the other clients, making it easy to optimize the use of your devices.
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    Virtual Trainer Program

    The built-in Virtual Trainer Program ensures trainings are optimized and the exercises are implemented the right way, without the need of the trainer doing the exercises with the clients. Using the Virtual Trainer Program lets trainers focus on the position, posture and performance of the clients thoroughly even during a group session with projecting the program on any additional screens (large TV or projector).
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    Reliable and effective Wireless Group Training

    EMS as a Group Fitness method is a new, revolutionary and proven ROI booster service that can be implemented in all types of businesses from microstudios to huge gym franchises. The effectiveness and reliability of our concept has been demonstrated at the FIBO 2017 with more than 500 training sessions in one weekend!

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