X-Sens Dot


Product Details:

Xsens DOT is a state-of-the-art development platform for the analysis and reporting of human kinematics. The platform features high-accuracy wearable inertial sensors, an easy-to-integrate SDK and community support from Xsens experts.

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    Superior Sensor Fusion Technology

    Our patented Sensor Fusion algorithms provide the highest level of accuracy in the market. Immune to magnetic field distortion and featuring the latest signal processing technology.
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    Ground-breaking design

    Owned by mCube, makers of the smallest motion sensors in the world, Xsens DOT leverages mCube’s cutting-edge hardware, innovative design and award-winning technology experience.
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    Developer community support

    We partner with pioneering start-ups and entrepreneurs providing support, technology and resource, helping to bring their innovative ideas and application dreams to life.

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