Valiant 2 sport XL


Product Details:

Robust and reliable treadmill for sports medicine Modern designed treadmill specifically designed for sports medical applications. This treadmill can be connected to external ECG- and pulmonary devices as well as to a Lode software network (LEM or LCRM). The Valiant 2 sport offers a smooth acceleration from 0 km/h and is continuously adjustable in a range of 1 – 25 km/h (0.6 – 15.5 mph). Thanks to the unique low design of the cover plate it is possible to place a mirror or camera in front of the treadmill which makes it easier to monitor the gait of the test subject. The Valiant 2 sport has a standard running surface of 70 x 190 cm, 0 - 25% elevation and a full front handrail. The treadmill is equipped with a 7" control unit with Touchscreen for manual control. Other dimensions are available upon request. A USB A-B cable only for service purposes will be standard delivered with the product.

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    Low Noise

    Material choices, refined components and accurate manufacturing techniques lead to low noise.
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    Versatile Interfacing

    Various interface protocols guarantee perfect communication with all commonly known stress ECG and spirometry equipment
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    Extreme low step-up height

    To allow people to safely and comfortably step up the treadmill it is important to have a very low step-up height
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    Small adjustment steps

    The speed of the treadmill can be adjusted in the smallest steps of only 0.1 km/h!
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    Low cover plate

    The motor compartment of the treadmill is designed in such a way that the cover is only marginally higher than the belt surface. This allows for low camera positions in case the treadmill is used for gait analysis purposes. Also a therapist has the best possible view on feet and lower extremities.
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    Robust design

    The product is designed to withstand continuous heavy use by subjects in most weights and sizes.
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    Downhill walking as an option (-10%)

    This treadmill can be executed with 10% negative elevation. This allows for downhill walking which is extremely useful for rehabilitation of certain injuries.
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    Optional integrated BMP and SpO2

    The treadmill can be extended with a stable and reliable blood pressure module and SpO2 measurement.

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