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TEMPLO is a motion analysis software platform developed by CONTEMPLAS GmbH. TEMPLO is designed as a modular system, so you can add the functionality that you require. TEMPLO is structured in a way that allows the user to move fluidly from video capture through to analysis, and then on to the reporting of findings. Also included in TEMPLO is an integrated database function that cover all of your data management needs, allowing you to steer clear of your computer's volumes and libraries. The fundamental strengths of TEMPLO are based on: - Capabilities in advanced, mutli-camera capture and image processings systems - External Analog-Digital data collection - Efficient, application specific workflows - Powerful analysis and reporting features. - Data management system - Accurate timing platform

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    Retail Running

    Video Analysis in a running shop environment is used to aid customers in the selection of running shoes. Rather than choosing shoes based on look or color, in-store gait analysis provides customers with the opportunity to see what is going on with their gait in each pair of shoes that they try.
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    Running Analysis

    Running analysis is the process of using a video system to break down a runner's form and mechanics, and provide feedback for improvement. Running analysis is also instrumental in the rehabilitation of running injuries, as it allows practitioners to gather detailed biomechanical data about their patient's stride as well as view the progression of a rehab program.
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    Sport Analysis

    Sport analysis involves the evaluation of specific sports related movements. Through the use of multiple synchronized capture perspectives and useful analysis tools, coaches and athletes alike are able to determine critical weaknesses in form and are thus able to enable the immediate correction of said weaknesses.
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    Swimming Analysis

    The videobased system for the analysis of athletes' swimming performance. A practical solution for swimming training and performance diagnostics.
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    Bike Analysis

    One or more cameras are used in Bike analysis in order to determine a cyclist's optimal positioning. Through the use of marker tracking and angle measurement, specific details about a cyclist's body movement can be taken into account when suggesting changes to his or her riding form or to the bicycle itself.
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    Jump Analysis

    The mobile complete solution for professional analysis of jumping performance in performance diagnostics.
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    Sprint Start Analysis

    The mobile diagnostic system for optimizing sprint start movement for performance diagnostics, technical analysis and feedback training.
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    Gait Analysis

    Our markertracking helps you to digitise anatomical body points - quickly, reliably and with high measurement accuracy. Innovative markers are placed on clearly defined landmarks and can be automatically detected and analysed by the system.
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    Posture Analysis

    TEMPLO 2D Posture Analysis utilizes a simple, 4-point calibration along with one camera. TEMPLO 3D Posture Analysis uses a more complicated 16-point calibration with 3 cameras. The differences between these two modules is accuracy and depth of results. 3D is more accurate and produces more measurements, but 2D can be done quicker and does not require the use of markers.
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    An ergonomic analysis is the evaluation of a person's body positioning in his or her workplace in order to determine if they will experience problems after working over a long period of time in a seated position.
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    Functional Screening

    The professional solution for diagnostics in functional training with multiple testing protocols

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