Swiss Dolorclast Master


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SWISS DOLORCLAST® MASTER: Treat musculoskeletal pathologies quickly and effectively with the Radial ESWT solution. Effective Clinically proven energy output: - Evo Blue® handpiece for constant energy density - Power+ handpiece for higher energy density Complete Easy to master with its preset protocols, accurate manual settings, pressure ramp-up and energy density display Patient-oriented Inform your patients using treatment pictures, videos and method details. Track clinical results by recording your patients’ data

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  • > 17 Ready-to-treat protocols with preset recommended settings, pictures and video > First and only one device to feature an air pressure Vs Energy Density (ED) converter. This option automatically calculates the ED output (in mJ/mm²) corresponding to the air pressure level (in bar) chosen for the treatment > Visual Analog Scale (VAS) option to track pain reduction throughout treatments
  • > Up to 200 logs for tailored treatment protocols > Up to 3000 patients files stored with automatic treatment history recording > Comprehensive therapeutic guide with anatomical and clinical definition, list of published clinical studies, contra-indications and risks > Display of an energy meter on working screen to follow at any time the energy released to the tissues
  • > Automatic recognition of the Swiss DolorClast® Evo Blue handpiece > USB memory port to upgrade software and export database and statistics > Password option for more safety

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