Stability MF


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Stability MF the flagship system of the Stability line. The heart of the system is equipped with three load cells and the trunk sensor for a complete and precise stabilometric assessment, such as Stability Easy. Furthermore, the Stability MF system is equipped with a stable support structure with the integration of a personal computer and LCD monitor. Stability due to its functional and structural completeness is particularly indicated for neuromotor assessments: an ally system for your physiotherapy and rehabilitation center in assessment and specific training.

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    Stability MF Stability Plate

    The heart of Stability stabilometric system is a sensitive and sensitive three-cell load platform (Strean Gauge technology). The dimensions of the surface (500 square mm) allow to place the patient on even feet or with joined heels in very comfortable. Furthermore, the support base is equipped with a positioning template for the official 30 ° orthostatic evaluation.
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    Stability MF: a functional and complete structure

    All the functionality and TecnoBody technology in a complete, practical and functional structure. The structure of the Stability MF system is robust to give the patient maximum stability and safety during assessment and stabilometric training. Completely in polished steel and wood, the Stability MF structure completely envelops the patient and combines an exclusive design with accurate functionality.
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    The trunk sensor

    Also for the stabilometric systems it is of fundamental importance to control the oscillation of the trunk during an assessment and to analyze the upper part of the body with a focused focus. The trunk sensor of the Stability system is a very sensitive bi-axial accelerometer (with a precision to the tenth of a degree) particularly useful in the assessment of LOS (limits of Stability) for which it is necessary to control the upper part of the trunk in relation to the center of severity.
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    TecnoBody Key, your training at your fingertips

    An exclusive connection between the user and the system, the TecnoBody Key allows you to save your parameters, workouts and reports, always available for constant feedback and to set up your own personalized plans. The assessment of your strength, balance, stability and elasticity are always available because the Key is recognized by the system at any time. Through the Key you and your patient you can constantly monitor the progress of the rehabilitation process and set up any changes to the physical rehabilitation program.

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