RAPT Leverage Functional Trainer by BRUTEforce


Product Details:

RAPTOR allows you to exercise all muscle groups with multiple exercises for each body part and that is an under statement. It not only allows you to exercise them it allows you to totally SMASH them. With weight LOAD capacities for Pressing/Squatting Arms 250kg (550lbs) and cable/pulley 180kg (396lbs) RAPTOR leverage gym is equally effective for the ‘beginner’ as it is for the ‘advanced’ Sports Pro. Fitted with adjustable Safety limiters offers peace of mind and a safe environment when attempting your ‘MAX’. You will NOT out grow the BRUTEforce® RAPTOR leverage gym.

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    Quality Design, Workmanship & Materials define the Raptor

    Superior design & engineering ensure a safer and more natural range of movement when the body is in action. Fitted with an adjustable safety pin to allow maximums to be performed safely
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    Compact Footprint

    Is just another pleasant surprise with RAPTOR Leverage Gym. Even with all of its features and all the exercise functions it can achieve, the footprint is still only. Width 1380mm(54 inch) X Length 190mm (75 inch) X Height 2160mm (85 inch). The perfect fit for your Home Gym or any commercial facility.
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    Multi Grip Chin Up Station

    Has 5 handgrips to suit long and short arm spans and fitted with climbers grips/cup to offer even more variety

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