Cryo Penguin by CryoScience


Product Details:

The °CRYO Penguin™ is designed to deliver the safest and most effective localized cryotherapy treatments in the industry. With its ergonomic design, pre-programmed protocols and built-it safety features, the device exceeds the highest standards. Auto-balancer to maximize ease of use. Optimal distance meters alert the user when critical skin temperature is reached. Protocols for particular parts of the body 10” digital touch-screen with a user-friendly interface. Ergonomic handle with remote control feature. 50-liter mobile nitrogen vessel that can be refilled at any time.

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    Advanced features like distance control and skin temperature sensors.
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    Intelligent Design

    Pre-programmed protocols for particular parts of the body
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    Ultra Efficient

    Lower nitrogen consumption for higher ROI.
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    Compact size, lightweight, and portable.

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