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Xsens MVN ensures real-time, reliable and accurate human motion analysis. Collect accurate data on the full range of human motion, in any setting, with our motion capture system. Whether it’s human motion analytics, ergonomics, biomechanics, sports science or rehabilitation, the rugged design and proven Xsens biomechanical model and sensor fusion algorithm deliver dependable and repeatable results. Xsens’ tiny motion trackers are able to capture the smallest twitches to high dynamic movements on-body ensuring full 3D motion analysis. It can be used anywhere, with quick set-up and no calibration, offering stability and precision whenever and wherever you need it.

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    Use Xsens MVN everywhere and get lab-quality data in the field. The system is easily set up, calibrated, and modified, while its intuitive interface and real-time visualization features help you to focus on what is important in your work or research.
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    Experience the benefits of full magnetic immunity in all conditions. Our proven biomechanical model and sensor fusion algorithms ensure the highest quality motion analysis even in the most challenging magnetically disturbed environments.
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    Xsens MVN offers validated, peer-reviewed data and features integrations with all market leading software packages, offering you the highest quality in motion capture and analysis.

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