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Why use Contemplas Multi Camera System? All-In-One Solution Contemplas delivers all-in-one systems including hardware and software. The customer can rely on the quality of components and a ready to use system Mobile and Station It is up to you: Either go for a stationary setting, e. g. in your laboratory, or for a mobile system with maximum flexibility. Camera Integration Depending on your requirements we select the right cameras among GigE, USB3, HDMI and IP and implement an unlimited number of them for synchronized recordings Synchronized Recording Technical, timing and spatial analyses of multiple camera views require accurate synchronization. All integrated cameras as well as further hardware devices are 100% synchronized – either software based or with a trigger cable High Speed Recording High speed cameras record the details of fast mechanical movements and play it back in slow motion. Slow motion videos are key for understanding events too fast for the human eye. High Resolution Analysis Fast motions can be analyzed frame-by-frame due to high resolution images. Analog and digital data acquisition Analog and digital data from force platforms, EMG, pressure plates or any other devices can be recorded synchronously to all video cameras. Seemless Data Transfer Recorded video and analog data can be transferred to third party systems with one click. Simple and Intuitive Workflow CONTEMPLAS uses user-friendly tools as wireless buzzers and mobile devices to record, stream and analyze everything from everywhere. Data Base Clear structured central database with filtering options for personal, session, video and analysis data. Open Interfaces CONTEMPLAS can be integrated into an existing IT environment. Full Stack Our software is developed in-house by CONTEMPLAS. We can respond quickly and flexibly to customer requests. Customizing Individual solutions taking into account customer requirements, purposes and environmental conditions. Support CONTEMPLAS is renowned for its excellent support and immediate assistance via mail, phone and remote access. Success Guarantee Our team of sports and product experts guarantee that CONTEMPLAS delivers what is promised: performance at a new level.

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    Record Multiple video

    Just record, play back and share videos for teaching, feedback or qualitative analysis.
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    Record hardware devices

    Record synchronized video and hardware: force plates, EMG, pressure, OptoGait, accelerometers, ...
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    Add application intelligence

    Use your system most efficiently by adding our modules for clinical gait,running, jumping, functional screening, swimming, sprint start, posture 2D/3D,
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    Track markerless 2D

    Extend our modules with markerless tracking and get all 2D kinematic data instantly from each view.
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    Get to the top – track markerless 3D

    Extend your system to a multi camera system and track markerless for highly accurate 3D kinematic data.

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