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The ISO-Move is an advanced isokinetic machine that tests and trains the quadriceps and hamstrings strength. The Iso-Move helps a patient regain mobility and muscle strength around the knee, as well as prevent any knee related deficit.It is equipped by an Engine torque of 450 N/m and electronic control system with a sample frequency of 1250 Hz. Iso-Move is equipped with a linear guide of axial cushions so as to eliminate any friction.Maximum percentage of error during the isokinetic assessment is: 1%.

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  • Perfect Movement Control

    Two fundamental elements of the ISOMOVE Isokinetic system to guarantee perfect movement control: • a high-performance torque motor • an electronic system of real-time control. ISOMOVE is equipped with both elements. The torque motor is able to deliver 450 N/m and electronically control the system with sampling frequency at 1250 Hz. The balance of these two elements allows a smooth, safe, linear and precise movement.
  • The Flex Control

    ISOMOVE exploits isokinetic and simultaneously simulates the elastic phase with the exclusive Flex Control function. In practice, exercise with the rubber bands is very widespread, and many clinical studies have proven qualities such as fluidity, continuity and a concentric-eccentric natural movement. ISOMOVE demonstrates its full potential with unprecedented electronic control that simulates an elastic system thanks to the exclusive Flex Control software.
  • ISOMove: A precise system for knee rehabilitation

    In the development of the ISOMOVE system, the TecnoBody Research and Development Center has created a mechanic of extreme precision that guarantees the transmission of movement as accurate as possible. Also at the tibial contact point, critical for the high energy transfer, ISOMOVE is equipped with a linear guide with axial bearings to eliminate any friction. The result is a perfect movement, perceived as fluid and natural by the patient. The ISOMOVE system is equipped with a horizontal adjustment of the seat, inclination of the backrest and the fulcrum of rotation that together align the center of rotation of the knee with that of the system. ISOMOVE is the ideal physiotherapy machine for a correct flexion-extension of the knee.

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