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Iso-Lift is the TecnoBody system that exploits the technology and the structure at the base of Iso-Free and combines the technology of the 3D camera and the force platform with the combination with electronically controlled cables. Bridge between functionality rehab and fitness, Iso-Lift is the ideal system to manage the loads of force automatically through the pneumatic circuit and a simple gesture on the PC touch screen, as well as to increase the load itself with the help of cables, useful to perform physiotherapy exercises of specific protocols set on the software or functional training for athletes according to your plans.

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    The base of Iso-Lift

    The support base of the Iso-Free system is a sensorized platform with four load cells able to detect in real time the distribution of the loads on the ground of your patient. This is a real extremely sensitive stabilometric platform certified Medical Device (class I), with a ground resolution of 1 mm and a frequency of acquisition of 20Hz. The upper silkscreen of the support base allows to clearly and intuitively separate the right-left and anterior-posterior part for a correct evaluation of the patients Center of Pressure in both the static and dynamic phases.
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    System Versatility

    Iso-Lift is a flexible assessment system that you can use by enriching your rehabilitation protocols or functional training plans with the use of electronically controlled cables. All weightbody exercises, with small tools or with barbells, can be carried out with unprecedented interactivity. Whether you are a personal trainer or a physiotherapist, you will have a very powerful evaluation and communication tool: you can easily show and explain to your patient or athlete details about their posture and load control. Iso-Lift is your ally system to enhance your professionalism.
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    TecnoBody Key

    An exclusive connection between the user and the system, the TecnoBody Key allows you to save your parameters, workouts and reports, always available for constant feedback and to set up your own personalized plans. The assessment of your strength, balance, stability and elasticity are always available because the Key is recognized by the system at any time. Through the Key you and your patient you can constantly monitor the progress of the rehabilitation process and set up any changes to the physical rehabilitation program.

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