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Walker View 3.0 SCX was born from TecnoBody research and allows you to fully analyze the strengths and weaknesses in the athletic gesture or simply in walking. Not a simple treadmill, but a walking and running analysis laboratory concentrated in a single innovative product capable of returning a postural analysis report of Run Analysis and Gait Analysis for rehabilitation and sports medicine. The immediate and objective feedback allows to improve the posture in movement, the load of the lower limbs and much more both during walking and running. The SCX Speed Control feature applied to the Walker View system redefines the world of treadmills. Walker View 3.0 SCX, in fact, works in self-adaptive mode and is capable of recognizing the user's gesture and adapting to the rhythm of his step and stride. The revolution in the re-education of the path in running bears the name of Walker View 3.0 SCX. Discover all the advantages!

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    Feature SCX Speed Control

    Thanks to the patent pending SCX Control feature, on Walker View you can choose to switch from a manual control to a total autonomous control of the belt speed. The electronics that control the SCX feature allows the Walker View to automatically recognize the user’s gesture, who can regulate the passage from a walk to a run and vice versa, change the rhythm at any time, until the belt stops completely with his simple instinctive gesture. With SCX Speed Control, the operator obtains even more precise reports on runers and patients undergoing stroke and gait analysis. A unique experience is guaranteed for the user, comparable to that carried out outdoors on the road.
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    The control of the supports with Walker View

    Only the maximum control of the dynamic posture and the support of the foot guarantee the quality of the movement and the limitation of injuries and imbalances. Walker View is equipped with a sensorized belt with eight load cells. These allow the postural analysis and contribute, together with a software interface and the 3D camera, to the return of a complete report of Gait analysis or Run analysis, printable at the end of the test. You will discover in real time during walking or running, how to improve posture and increase performance in a safe way.
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    3D camera: the heart of Walker View

    The 3D Camera, the heart of the system, picks up the subject that is placed in position on Walker View and performs walking or running. Thanks to it, possible to receive an instant and objective dynamic image of the posture during training, displayed in real time on the Full HD screen of the system. The posture of the arms during the run, the support of the feet, the bending of the front and back and the side are just some of the postural aspects analyzed and visible in the live shooting. Performing a test on Walker View allows you to move better, free from injuries and discover strengths and weakness of your support, to correct bad posture in the race and the problems arising from it.
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    Virtual Reality & immersion

    A complete and immersive visual experience to involve athletes and patients and complete the training session, helping to focus on functional recovery. For your patient, focusing on support or completing a controlled training session will no longer be boring and demotivating. In fact, in a relation to the type of exercise and protocol it is possible to develop different types of involvement based on different stimuli and perceptions. City, countryside, woods or mountains.. Choose where to set the training. Choose Walker view for your objective and detailed movement analysis.
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    TecnoBody Key

    An exclusive connection between the user and the system: the Tecnobody key allows you to save your parameters, workouts and reports, always available for constant feedback and to set up your own personalize plans. The assessment of your strength, balance, stability and elasticity are always available because the Key is recognized by the system at any time. Through the Key you and your patient you can constantly monitor the progress of the rehabilitation process and set up any changes to the physical rehabilitation program.
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    Gait trainer, rehabilitation of the transit with Walker View

    Motor learning, both in adults and children, exploits the principle of observation. As the child observes the adult and simulates his movements, the patient observes himself during the rehabilitation process. Consciousness at the cognitive level has a direct confirmation on the coordination of one’s movements and the Gait Trainer module contributes to the creation or recovery of the motor pathway. Postural re-education takes place through an awareness guided by continuous and immediate feedback for the patient

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