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Product Details:

Step Into the Future The °CRYO Arctic™ is designed to deliver the easiest, safest and the most effective whole body cryotherapy treatments in the industry. Built to ensure that a user never comes into direct contact with cryogenic gases, instead is exposed to breathable air. The superior technology used makes °CRYO Arctic™ the safest product on the market. Client-facing screen to display remaining treatment time and marketing text. High-quality speakers to play music via Blue tooth and enable audio communication between operator and client. Moveable window to enable WBC or PBC treatments. 100% breathable air environment – no client contact with nitrogen vapors. High-quality cryogenic material. Digital touch-screen to input treatment protocols, temperature, and air flow settings.

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    Never come in contact with nitrogen, only breathable air.
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    Smart Tech

    Ability for our technicians to connect via Wi-fi for any technical assistance.
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    Premium Sound-System

    Relax with a favorite song while still being in communication with the operator.
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    True whole body cryotherapy with consistent temperature during the treatment.

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