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Product Details:

Used by over 550 professional and elite sports teams, Kinduct's Athlete Management System consolidates athlete performance, wellness, and injury-related data. By consolidating often-siloed data, it empowers coaches and trainers to make informed decisions that save time and optimize results. Athlete Management System users also benefit from its 50+ integrated technologies, player compliance dashboards, data visualization reports, and customizable training and rehab program capabilities.

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    Combine large volumes of historical and current data sets from any source.
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    Analyze and visualize your data in near real-time with our aggregation and reporting tools.
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    Drive progress and improvement through customized training programs and communication.
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    Use assessment tools or integrate third-party data to deepen your patient’s profile.
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    Provide your patients with digestible content that is tailored to their procedure and condition.
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    Remotely monitor your patient’s progress through their prehab/rehab programming.

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