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    Windows of Trainability & Training Advice

    Dashboard view with overall Readiness score, Windows of trainability, recommended heart-rate training zones, and graphic representation of the functional state of the cardiac and central nervous systems
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    Central Nervous System Readiness via DC-EEG

    Both CNS Readiness & DC-Potential indexes are plotted on convenient, intuitive graphs. Track your athletes' level of activation and monitor the impact of environmental stressors and training loads on each individuals' central nervous system.
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    Cardiac System Readiness via Heart Rate Variability

    Based on Heart Rate Variability (HRV), our Cardiac Readiness score indicates how efficiently your body has recovered from previous training or stress. Track how Sympathetic ("Fight or Flight") and the Parasympathetic ("Rest & Digest") branches of your Autonomic nervous system regulate cardiac function.
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    Full Team Overview

    Displays a streamlined view of every athlete on the team. Shows the functional state of the central Nervous and Cardiac system and provides a score for Overall Readiness. Use the colour-coded grouping to simplify and speed up daily decision making.
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    Advanced and Configurable Athlete and Team Analysis

    Coach+ includes a comprehensive trend analysis over various key indices of your athlete. Select from a pre-set of different analysis and choose from a time period or customize your own. Zoom in to get details of your athlete's trend data.
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    Data Export

    In Coach+ you can export Omegawave data from your athletes as a comma-separated file (CSV).

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