Collaborations with the ones working in sync with your own mission of delivering the best to the industry indeed turns out to be one of the strongest associations altogether! Here’s the list of our partners who have always been there to help us fulfill the aim of fostering global best practices in the Indian Sporting and Healthcare Ecosystem!

Medilab PD

MediLab PD’s CareTherapy is a revolutionary method in the field of Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation. It works on 100 years of studies on electromagnetic devices and capacitive-resisive energy transfer merged with the experience developed by leading teams of professionals and researchers to provide effective rehabilitation protocols and innovative application techniques for the healthcare professional. CareTherapy is particulary effective in case of oedema/ haematoma and pain, for muscle,tendon and bone injury repair and for usage on clients that have prosthesis, screws and rods implanted


Cyro Science is a leading cryogenic solution provider that offers safe, state-of-the-art and comfortable cryotherapy chambers for the whole body and localized procedures. With the right technology and techniques of recognizing, revitalizing and restoring, the Cyro science products are capable of delivering the best cryotherapy experience!

Cryo Space

CryoSpace chambers have been popularly used across India by major sporting franchises and athletes for recovery. The devices can be utilised for reducing fatigue, help escelate recovery post a training session or a match.

Kinduct Technologies

Kinduct was founded in 2010 and spent its early years in the healthcare industry, focused on educating and engaging patients through patient-centric 3D medical animations and rehab programming. But what coincided with Kinduct’s formation was a tsunami of data — and not just in the medical world. These trends were also found in human performance and elite sport environments, but the data was largely isolated and inaccessible. For Kinduct, this was an opportunity. With the goal of identifying increased risk of injury and optimizing performance still standing as its pillars, the company shifted its focus toward data consolidation and organically grew into what it is now: a world-leading Athlete Management System. Today, Kinduct proudly serves over 450 teams and organizations across the globe. The Kinduct Athlete Management System is capable of managing entire teams/academies in one place. With advanced capablitites of putting calculated matrix in place, performance, mental status and other key statistics of an athlete or a team can be analysed and computed.


Established more than 30 years ago, Electro Medical Systems (EMS) Dolorclast is a Swiss Medical Company that offers a wide range of medical care equipment used in various fields of treatment including Urology, Shock Waves, Beauty, and Oral Prophylaxis instruments. These equipment are designed using a ballistic technology that generates shock waves. EMS offers two shock wave technologies: Radial Shock Wave Technology and Focussed Shock Wave Technology. Both of them provide appropriate solutions for every pathology. The product range consists of Swiss Dolorclast Smart 20. Swiss Dolorclast Master, Swiss Dolorclast Classic, Swiss Piezoclast, Handpieces, etc. Back in 1997, EMS got its method of using ballistic technology patented as The Swiss DolorClast® Method and got it clinically proven as the therapy for the treatment of the musculoskeletal and dermatological conditions as well as Peyronie’s disease and spasticity.

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