Collaborations with the ones working in sync with your own mission of delivering the best to the industry indeed turns out to be one of the strongest associations altogether! Here’s the list of our partners who have always been there to help us fulfill the aim of fostering global best practices in the Indian Sporting and Healthcare Ecosystem!


Based out of Italy, Technobody is a pioneer of supplying devices that are capable of delivering a truly different experience enriched by constant research and a holistic approach to movement. Designed post diligent research, its product range is backed by digital mirroring and load sensor technology. This technology not only allows the user to perform every motor gesture with maximum control but also makes it possible to analyze the performance in real-time according to precise parameters. Thus by providing immediate bio-feedback, it integrates the process of evaluation and training. To know more visit:


Having started years ago in the market of cardiology and pulmonary function, Lode BV has become a specialist in the complete spectrum of medical ergometry. Lode is world-renowned as a manufacturer of high-quality ergometers and the Lode brand stands for accuracy, durability and ergonomic design. The Lode product range varies from ergometry software, bicycle ergometers, and treadmills to recumbent, arm and supine ergometers. Long-term experience in manufacturing medical equipment and continuous development to meet the changing requirements of the market, make Lode a flexible and reliable partner. Also, Before leaving the factory all Lode ergometers are dynamically calibrated and, of course, all units are produced under the strictest quality control conditions. In the beginning of 2014, Lode Holding took over Biometrics Motion. Biometrics Motion was a successful company within the field of knowledge-intensive measuring equipment for biomechanical measurements, such as those that are used in motion labs. As a result, the company has acquired a complete range of motion scientific equipment, and ever since, Lode has expanded exponentially into the international market where all their equipment are integrated with all activities of Biometrics Motion.


Founded in 2010, X Body is one of the biggest global manufacturers and suppliers of high tech and innovative EMS training devices. The Electric Muscles Stimulation technique that X Body uses helps in elicitation of muscle contraction using electric impulses. Training using EMS devices help gaining muscle mass and shedding fat, increases calorie burning capacity and boosts metabolism. With this technology, results of a 90 minute workout can be achieved in only 20 minutes.


Hocoma is the global leader of robotic and sensor-based devices for functional movement therapy, delivers in clinical, hospital and research markets.


CONTEMPLAS GmbH, with its headquarter in Kempten/Germany, develops and distributes software solutions for general motion analysis. It’s wide range of products cater to around 2000 customers around the globe and ensure accurate and successful analysis in both 2D and 3D for general biomechanics and sport-specific analysis as well.

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