Trunk MF

Trunk-MF is a dynamic TRUNK Balance System of assessment and training in a sitting position and in getup transition, TRUNK-MF is also part of the Postural/Functional Circuit.This is a unique training device for the pelvis and core. No other device has the capability to assess and train the pelvis while giving real time feedback. The pelvis is a very crucial element as it connects the upper and lower body. An efficient pelvis is the base of having proper mechanics.

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The heart of the MF Trunk

The heart of the Balance Trunk system is a very sensitive multi-axial platform able to detect the movements of the pelvis in the anterior-posterior and right-left directions. The stability of the system is adjustable by the operator in relation to the proprioceptive capabilities of the patient from a minimum level of 1 (maximum instability) to a maximum of 30 (maximum stability).
Thanks to the flexibility of adjustment of the platform you can make your patient work on the mobility of the pelvis, correlating the work to the mobility of the lumbar area, acting on the limitations both at the joint and muscle level.

Training with MF Trunk

MF Trunk is designed to achieve maximum results in organizing specific training for your client.
For a correct assessment of the pelvis movement it is necessary that there is an angle of about 90 ° between the femur and the leg. For this reason, the MF Trunk system is equipped with an electric piston that places the patient in the correct position before the evaluation or the training session. 

Trunk sensor

You can optimize assessment and training using the trunk sensor combined with MF Trunk.
With the use of the trunk sensor, while the patient manages the treadmill in a sitting position, you can easily analyze the movement of the rachis divided into two parts:
• the pelvic one, detected by the movement of the platform
• The thoracic one, detected by the trunk sensor.

Your Postural check is always available with Tecnobody Key

An exclusive connection between the user and the system, the TecnoBody Key allows you to save your parameters, workouts and reports, always available for constant feedback and to set up your own personalized plans.
The assessment of your strength, balance, stability and elasticity are always available because the Key is recognized by the system at any time.
Through the Key you and your patient you can constantly monitor the progress of the rehabilitation process and set up any changes to the physical rehabilitation program.


MF Trunk is a dynamic TRUNK Balance System of assessment and training in a sitting position and in getup transition, TRUNK-MF is also part of the Postural/Functional Circuit.


• PC control touch-screen 20" with 1600x900 pixel resolution
• Adjustable display height
• Static platform with 55 cm diameter
• Trunk sensor
• Wrapping upper supports
• Fully connected to TecnoBody Management System by TB-KEY


L: 1100 mm H: 125 mm | PC Support: L: 700 mm H: 850 mm | Weight: 135kg | Adjustable Sitting Height: 41-60 cm

Platform Type: Dynamic, static
Use: Sitting mode
Levels of Stability: 20 levels in dynamic platform
Maximum load: 150 kg
Precision: 0.2 kg
Resolution: 0.1 kg
Sitting angles measurement: +/- 15°
Sitting angles precision: 0.5°
Sitting angles resolution: 0.2°
CoP resolution: 0,1 mm
Trunk sensor angles measurement: +/- 30°
Trunk sensor angles precision: 0.5°
Trunk sensor angles resolution: 0.1°
Sampling frequency: 20 hz
PC connection: RS232
Power supply: 230 VAC, 50 hz, 0,6 A
Power consumption: 200 Watts
Conformity Directive: 93/42/EEC - Standard EN 60601-1
Guarantee: 12 months

Assessment & Training Capabilities

• CPM: Continuous Passive Motion
• Isometric Training
• Flex Control

• Isotonic Training
• Iso-kinetic Training


Assessment forms

The software of the Trunk-MF systems is equipped with numerous assessment programs that allow the operator to understand exactly what the proprioceptive conditions of the patient are. There are two main assessment modules:
• circular proprioceptive assessment (clockwise and anti-clockwise)
• Range of Motion assessment..

Both evaluations are fundamental to fully understand the motor skills of the subject, especially in the pelvic area.

Training modules

After an assessment phase, the software automatically proposes a series of rehabilitation tracks designed to improve the perceptive conditions of each individual movement. The rehabilitation tracks are particularly useful both for carrying out proper proprioceptive training and for further verification at the local level.
The colored points to be reached displayed by the software represent the end position or joint transit points (Joint Position Sense), while the lines represent the ideal kinesthetic path.
The software provides in real time the difference between the ideal kinesthetic line and the path executed by the patient.

Rehabilitation games

Not only assessment and training, but also many games to train the balance, able to attract the attention of the patient during the training sessions and to keep up its level of concentration, but at the same time to make it escape from the classic session of motor rehabilitation.
A library of environments and workouts SKI, Shoot, Fly and Equilibrium combines the effectiveness of the TecnoBody training with the playfulness and functionality of the game.

Tecnobody Management System

The Trunk MF system is managed through the TecnoBody Management System, the software platform that manages all the devices of the TecnoBody line. All the features of the system are aimed at making it flexible and functional:
• personal database and shared user data
• possibility to create customized training programs directly associated with the user profile
• user recognition in the circuit through the exclusive TecnoBody Key
• "user guide" functionality to facilitate autonomous use of the systems by the user, who can log into the circuit using his own TecnoBody Key and perform guided training on the various TecnoBody systems
• planning and reporting of test sessions
• comprehensive reports of test sessions and training sessions

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