Stex Fitness

A subsidiary brand of the parent company Taeha Mechtronics, STEX is a brand that always thinks of as a customer and supports their healthy lives. An abbreviation for Sport Technology Experts, STEX is responsible for analysing the customer's needs and responsible for supplying and managing sports products for them.
In the early days of its founding, it focused on developing the source technology by creating the first treadmill and medical equipment. The purpose of the technology is not the product but the customer, the quality of the customer that meets the customer's sensitivity and standards, and the quality of our technology is the core and principle of quality control. They also continue to develop and improve core technologies to ensure the highest quality of STEX design and manufacturing processes with their ultimate goal being complete customer satisfaction.
Using the core brand values of sustainable organisation competency, transparency and perpetual challenges and creativity, Stex fitness strives to combine technology and R&D to help us humans lead a healthy life.
With the goal of the brand being to support healthy life with technology, they also envision to be the provider of a holistic solution for all human health and activities. Currently, they established itself as a clear lifestyle brand that provides a more professional and healthy living environment, with the stability and accuracy of the working environment.

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