Postural Bench

Postural Bench is the TecnoBody system with two inclinable tops that allows you to perform an accurate postural analysis without load on the limbs and at the same time to improve the posture of your patient and athlete freeing him from tensions and pains.
Ideal for treating back problems, lumbar, back and neck pain due to poor posture or trauma, or to improve the postural setting of athletes who wish to increase their performance. Not a simple postural bench, but an ally to evaluate the state of the muscular structure and posture. The muscles contract to close the system emphasizing the rotations and the muscular asymmetries that cause the pathologies. Postural Bench automatically detects the inclinations of the two planes by means of electronic inclinometers. The data recorded and found on the PC can be resumed later to set the system in the same configuration and build a postural rehabilitation plan with exercises to be performed on Postural Bench or with other TecnoBody systems.

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The Technology for posture

Postural Bench is equipped with two electronic pistons for adjusting the lower and upper levels.
The adjustment of the engines is very fine and accurate so as to allow the closing of the rear chains extremely safe, gradual and comfortable.
The two floors of the Postural Bench MF system are made with a special matrix of very sensitive load cells, capable of detecting the tensions of the rear chains with a resolution of 100g.

A flexible system for posture

IThe Postural Bench system is equipped with many adjustments to adapt to the patients anatomical structure. Particularly important is the possibility of closing the back muscle chain through two adjustable supports to be fixed on the sole of the feet. In this situation the user, in the absence of the feet compensation, which otherwise would often be in supination, radically changes his muscular balance by triggering functional rotations in other anatomical districts. Choose the method that allows you to quantify every aspect of postural posture and to help your patient regain his balance.

Postural check & TecnoBody Key

An exclusive connection between the user and the system, the TecnoBody Key allows you to save your parameters, workouts and reports, always available for constant feedback and to set up your own personalized plans.
The assessment of your clients postural structure is always available to evaluate step by step the improvements during the exercise protocol set because the Key is recognized by the system at any time.


MF Trunk is a dynamic TRUNK Balance System of assessment and training in a sitting position and in getup transition, TRUNK-MF is also part of the Postural/Functional Circuit.


• PC control touch-screen 20" with 1600x900 pixel resolution
• Adjustable display height
• Static platform with 55 cm diameter
• Trunk sensor
• Wrapping upper supports
• Fully connected to TecnoBody Management System by TB-KEY


L: 1100 mm H: 125 mm | PC Support: L: 700 mm H: 850 mm | Weight: 135kg | Adjustable Sitting Height: 41-60 cm

Platform Type: Dynamic, static
Use: Sitting mode
Levels of Stability: 20 levels in dynamic platform
Maximum load: 150 kg
Precision: 0.2 kg
Resolution: 0.1 kg
Sitting angles measurement: +/- 15°
Sitting angles precision: 0.5°
Sitting angles resolution: 0.2°
CoP resolution: 0,1 mm
Trunk sensor angles measurement: +/- 30°
Trunk sensor angles precision: 0.5°
Trunk sensor angles resolution: 0.1°
Sampling frequency: 20 hz
PC connection: RS232
Power supply: 230 VAC, 50 hz, 0,6 A
Power consumption: 200 Watts
Conformity Directive: 93/42/EEC - Standard EN 60601-1
Guarantee: 12 months

Assessment & Training Capabilities

• CPM: Continuous Passive Motion
• Isometric Training
• Flex Control

• Isotonic Training
• Iso-kinetic Training


Assessment forms

The evaluation module of the Postural Bench system allows real-time monitoring of the symmetry of the rear chain in three fundamental points:
• scapular-thoracic area
• lumbar
• area of the ischiocrurali
At the end of the 120-second test, the report provides a clear picture of the measured voltage levels and the symmetry between the right and the left hemisphere in both percentage and strength terms developed by the rear chain in Kg. 

Training modules

After a careful assessment phase, you can set up an effective postural biofeedback reprogramming with the training module of the Postural Bench system.
Through targeted training you can pursue the goal of rebalancing the postural dysmetrieves detected in your patient with the evaluation, thanks to targeted exercises of diaphragmatic breathing and muscle relaxation.
With the Postural Bench you can organize postural rehabilitation plans with closed-chain exercises.

Tecnobody Managment System

Even Postural Bench is managed through the TecnoBody Management System, the software platform that manages all the devices of the TecnoBody line. All the features of the system are aimed at making it flexible and functional:
• Personal database and shared user data
• Possibility to create customized training programs directly associated with the user profile
• User recognition in the circuit through the exclusive TecnoBody Key
• “User guide" functionality to facilitate autonomous use of the systems by the user, who can log into the circuit using his own TecnoBody Key and perform guided training on the various TecnoBody systems
• Planning and reporting of test sessions
•Comprehensive reports of test sessions and training sessions

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