The PNOĒ Metabolic Analysis System offers your customers clinically accurate measurements of their metabolic, heart, lung, and cellular fitness in just 10 minutes. PNOĒ’s Precision Nutrition, Virtual Sessions, Group Training, and Workout Builder then offer them a unified experience powered by their personal metabolic profile.
The first all-in-one system offering hyper-personalized fitness programming, engagement, and tracking, in and out of your facility.

It starts with Metabolic Testing

PNOĒ is the world’s first affordable clinical grade metabolic analyzer.
In just 10 minutes it offers your clients a 360 degree view of their metabolic, heart, lung and cellular fitness. It’s portable and easy to use, allowing any fitness professional to perform metabolic analysis with no extra training.
The cloud-based software provides instant access and data analysis meaning it’s never been easier to measure essential metabolic functions, identify limiting factors, and develop individualized nutrition and workout programming for your clients.
Start metabolic analysis today

Device Features

Highest recorded accuracy among portable devices

Breath by Breath Analysis

Cloud based software for automatic data analysis and visualization

Compatible with medical grade sanitation process

Software runs on any device (desktop, laptop, tablet)

Easy setup and calibration in under one minute

Real-time connectivity to mobile app

Data access in real time from multiple users anywhere in the world

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