Max-IIa Metabolic Cart

The Max-II and MAX-IIa Metabolic Carts are a highly accurate, durable and streamlined systems offering our customers an economically priced alternative with the same service and quality that you come to expect from the AEI Technologies’ world renowned Moxus system. The MAX-II offers software independent gas calibration using the front panel displays and controls; the MAX-IIa does not have this independent calibration feature but is otherwise identical to the MAX-II. The Max-II and MAX-IIa are ideal for research, teaching and clinical institutions working with limited budgets. This system’s fast response time, exceptional accuracy and excellent stability guarantees data that you can depend on and it’s longevity ensures you will be able to obtain these results for many years.

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• Paramagnetic Oxygen Analyzer
• Infrared Carbon Dioxide Analyzer
• Pneumotach Breath Volume Measurement System
• Sample Pump and Flow Controller
• Windows Software and Interface Package
• 2 Channels for external analog instruments (0 – 10 Volts DC)
• RS-232 Connection for select Treadmills and Ergometers
• Heart Rate Interface with Polar monitor
• 4.2 Liter Active Mixing Chamber
• Efficient Nafion-based desiccant box with molecular sieve & silica gel indicator
• Two-Way Breathing Valve and Tubing Connections with Headgear and Mouthpieces
• Heavy-Duty Cart with articulating support arm
• Calibration Gases: Two tanks with regulators of primary laboratory standard gases
• Real time continuous Temperature, Humidity & Pressure Monitoring
• 3 liter calibration syringe


Calibration Gases

E Size Cylinder, Primary Standard, 5% CO2 , 21% O2 ,Bal. N2; accuracy: ± 0.02% CO2 absolute, ± 0.02% O2 absolute
E Size Cylinder, Primary Standard, High Purity N2 

Ambient Temperature/Pressure/Humidity Measurement

Temperature: ± 0.5 °C
Pressure: ± 1 mmHg
Humidity: ± 3% RH 

Oxygen Analyzer

Accuracy: ± 0.03% O2 over 10 – 21% O2 range
Repeatability: ± 0.03% O2
Resolution Digital Display: ± 0.01% O2
Operating Range: 0-100% O2

Carbon Dioxide Analyzer

Accuracy: ± 0.03% CO2 over 0 – 7% CO2 range
Repeatability: ± 0.03% CO2
Resolution Digital Display: ± 0.01% CO2
Operating Range: 0-100% CO2

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