The D-Wall is the most advance functional screening and training system in the world. Gauging muscle strength, power, endurance, agility, flexibility and mobility, the system can help create Specific Training Regimes for any patient, with hundreds of Exercises to create combinations from!

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3D Camera

integrated on D-WALL is one of the centerpieces of the system. Thanks to body recognition and the gesture interface, the athlete gets real-time feedback on each movement played.

Load Sensors

Each movement is managed in an integrated way. Data on various parameters detected by the integrated load sensors in the platform for the registration of balance and forces is sent to the system and allows the return the final feedback.

Digital Mirroring

The natural and instinctive learning process of the digital mirror is enhanced and included in an integrated development of the analysis of monitor gesture.

The control of balance has always represented the pursuit of perfection of movement and inner harmony. D-WALL, thanks to the combination if it’s kit of active platforms and accessories for proprioception, is the perfect tool to make the athlete work, both towards rehabilitation and athletic training with a focus on perception of one's body in space.

Coordination, speed, reactivity and agility are just some of the specificitiesto be put into play for functional strength training. Thanks to the D-WALL, the athlete can easily view in real time an accurate and targeted analysis of strength. The combination of weights, barbells, kettlebell, fitball and medicine balls ensures a complete functional training and makes D-WALL the most complete system to contribute towards the development of an athlete

With the D-WALL you can train your athlete’s agility with specific yet fully customizable modules.The trainer can configure the exercise by selecting multiple settings, namely:
- Goals
- Athlete’s Body type
- Reaction Time
- Exposure time
Training with the agility and cardio module allows an athlete to improve coordination and responsiveness with the always on realtime feedback

The D-WALL has modules specifically designed for occupational therapy which allows the therapist to focus on evaluation and treatment to develop, recover or maintain the activities of daily and working life of the people with cognitive, physical or mental disabilities.The therapist can also set up daily life activities that help the patient to train the ability to perform daily activities in contexts that recall home activities (kitchen and living area).



• Video Wall 65" 16:9 FULL HD
• Monitor 15" 16:9 HD Touch Screen
• 3D Camera FULL HD - 30 FPS
• Embedded PC CPU: 13 - 6100U 2.0 GHz
• HD1 Tbyte; RAM 4 GByte;
• wireless keyboard
• S.O. Windows 10 Multilanguage
• RFID reader for TecnoBody Keys


Wall: A 2,4 x L 2,5 x P 0,18 mt. | (7.87 ft x 8.20 ft x 7”) Floor: A 0,30 x L 2,5 x P 3,5 mt. | (7.87 ft x 8.20 ft x 7”) Operating Area: A 0,30 x L 2,5 x P 2,0 mt. | (1.2”x 8.20 ft x 6.56 ft) Weight: 250 kg (551 lbs.)

Weight: 250 KG

Supply: 230 VAC, 50 Hz
Conformity: Directive 93/42/EEC - Standard EN 60601-1
Guarantee: 12 months

Assessment Capabilities

• Mobility Testing with Trunk and Centre of pressure control
• Flexibility Testing with Biofeedback
• Static Stability Testing (Bipedal and monopedal)
• Strength Testing with Biofeedback
• Upper Limb and Lower Limb Testing
• Balance Testing (using the Kit)
• Mobility Testing
• Functional Testing for Upper/lower limb
• Range of Motion Testing in Real-Time
• Squat TestsAgility Testing
• Upper Limb Strength Test
• Upper limb endurance test
• Lower Limb Strength Test
• Lower Limb Endurance Test
• Jump Test

Training Capabilities

• Upper Limb Training exercises with CoG & trunk control
• Lower Limb Training exercises with CoG & trunk control
• Occupational Training Programmes with virutal reality
• Occupational Therapy Programmes with CoP & trunk control
• Trunk Control Training with biofeedback
• Mobility Programmes with Trunk & COG Control with Biofeedback
• Stability Training with Trunk & COG Control with BioFeedback
• Virtual Reality Balance Training Programmes
• Virtual Reality Programmes for Daily Activities
• Virtual Reality Programmes for Functional Training
• Sports Specific Training Programme which incorporates Strength, Endurance , agility, flexibility, and balance.



It is the family related to rehabilitation, with contents concerning ankle, lower limbs, trunk, shoulder and upper limbs.

Within this software module you can find multiple programs that range from the recovery of joint mobility up to programs of muscle strengthening of the various post-acute body segments, from training for load management and occupational therapy.

In the Rehab family you can set up 19 different programs, designed with 3 different difficulties (Easy - Medium - Hard) so as to be able to adapt optimally to the individuality of each person.

Health Fitness

Within this software module you will find contents related to the maintenance of the state of health, such as toning, weight loss, cardio vascular training and, more generally, themes that reflect on the long-term improvement of body composition.

You can have your athlete perform 14 different training programs ranging from strength training to functional training and which include different accessories to use (barbells, dumbbells, medicine balls, rubber bands, kettlebells, fluiball).

But also balance and cardio workouts that exploit the support of virtual reality allowing the body to move in a digital environment and reach targets with legs and arms or dodging objects.


In the Sports area there are training programs ranging from strength & conditioning to specific exercises for strength training, balance, agility and functional training.
You can have your athletes perform 21 different programs of athletic conditioning specific to multiple sports, up to structured exercises with a preventive purpose. Also in this case there is the section games, with which you can practice using the electronic active boards to propose a greater degree of difficulty or immerse yourself in virtual reality settings (such as a football field, tennis, basketball, etc). You will be able to test the ability to reach multiple targets, keeping every parameter under control with the feedback of the reaction time between a stimulus and its achievement.


Active Balance Kit

The control of balance in sports has always represented the pursuit of perfection of the gesture.

D-WALL H-Sport, thanks to the combination of the active footboard kit and accessories for proprioception, is the perfect tool for running runners, dancers, skiers and all sportsmen with a focus on listening to the motor gesture.

The D-WALL H-Sport Active Balance Kit includes:
- Active Bipodalic Platform
- Active monopodalic platform
- Monoaxial Active Platform
- Balance Pad
- Balance Disk
- Bosu

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