CareTherapy® is a revolutionary method that arises from the synergy between cutting-edge technology and clinical-scientific skills acquired in over 20 years of experience in the field of Resistive Capacitive Energy Transfer. The bio-stimulation created deep in the tissues produces important antalgic, anti-inflammatory and above all tissue repair effects, so as to speed up the time for a complete functional recovery of the patient.
The effectiveness of CareTherapy® is due to the difference in treatment compared to other therapies in which energy is transferred to the patient from the outside. During TecnoBody's patented tecar therapy, energy is stimulated directly from the inside of the muscle tissue, thus favoring a quick recovery.

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Caretherapy: the patented tecar treatment

With its 100 different power and treatment programs, CareTherapy® uses capacitive and resistive energy transfer technology and 200, 250 or 300 W RMS of power for complete repair of trauma and muscle, acute or chronic osteoarticular diseases or even in outcomes post-intervention.
The TecnoBody Research and Development Center has patented the CareTherapy® Energy Modulaton Control System. The Adaptive Impedance System modulates the emission frequency of long waves, adapted to the characteristics of the treated tissue to follow the resonance conditions that optimize energy transfer.
In a second phase the Energy Modulation Control System generates an intermittent high voltage signal allowing to control the output and the interaction with the muscular tissues.
The Super Low Frequency System activates the cellular breathing mechanism by successfully repairing tissues.

The benefits of CareTherapy:

Using CareTherapy® technology you can treat the tissues of your patients and athletes with the benefit of increasing microcirculation, vasodilatation and internal temperature increase. Organizing cycles of sessions of a few minutes it is possible to treat:
• contractures
• edema
• bruises
• lumbago
• neck pain
• tendinitis and tendinopathies
• groin
• osteoarthrit s
• distortions
But the uses of CareTherapy® are numerous and affect all areas of the body. 

The integration of CareTherapy® in motor rehabilitation

The combination of CareTherapy® Tecarterapia and rehabilitation on other TecnoBody rehabilitation systems is the guarantee of holistic therapy, that is, with a three-hundred and sixty-three approach aimed at achieving the highest level of quality in the assessment and management of injuries and therapy for your patients.
Choose the best for functional rehabilitation.
From the acute phase to the rehabilitation movement, choose to combine the CareTherapy® Tecar with the Walker View, Pro-Kin, Iso-Free and Iso-Lift systems to give your patient the best.



CareTherapy® is a revolutionary method that is born from the synergy between advanced technology and clinical-scientific skills acquired over 20 years of experience in the field of energy transfer capacitive and resistive. The powerful bio-stimulation created deep in the tissues, produces significant analgesic effect, anti-inflammatory and especially of tissue repair, so as to greatly speed up the time for a complete functional recovery of the patient.

Power input: 600W

Capacitive Power Output: 200 W RMS step 1% 
Resisitive Power Output: 150 W RMS step 1%
Frequency Output: 460 KHz/690 KHz
Display Touch-Screen: 7” res. 800x480 color

Assessment & Training Capabilities

• Break-Down of Spasticity
• Diaphragm Stimulation
• Increase Muscle Tone
• Activating Sensory Receptors

• Reduce Inflammation
• Reduce Oedema
• Increase Mobility and Range of Motion
• Post Surgery Inflammation Management
• Can be used in conjunction with all TecnoBody Devices 

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