A subsidiary brand of the Renouf fitness company, Bruteforce has expanded its brand visibility from Australia to around the world. With latest developments of the Bruteforce products with state-of the art technology and a dynamic innovation team, the level and quality of fitness equipment has reached its zenith.
With products such as the Rapt Leverage, 360 PTA and 360 PTX, that include features such as the dynamic ‘Jammer Arm’ system turning this already very functional machine into the most versatile unit available in the marketplace. For more than a decade the 360PT has constantly evolved and now is undoubtedly the ULTIMATE Functional Trainer. This latest model has all the features of the previous models and more.
BRUTEforce Australia has developed the 360PTX Functional Trainer into the complete package for your own home gym, Personal Training Studio, Health Club or work gym. Rated as one of the best multifunctional fitness equipment, Bruteforce has carved a niche for itself and increased the quality bar for its competitors.  

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