Instilled by the primary stakeholder Mr. Abhinav Bindra, India’s only individual Olympic Gold Medalist, Abhinav Futuristics Pvt. Ltd. is known for its progressive, dynamic and customer-oriented approach in the international and domestic market. To cater to the needs of various sectors with world-class innovations, AFL’s objective is to distribute unparalleled products, services, and facilities through Functional, Friendly and Innovative experiences for the Sport, Health & Fitness, and the Textiles Industry.

Our product range comes in association with the world’s leading sports technology companies such as TecnoBody, Afton Fitness, Cyrospace, Pnoe, Xbody, and many more. Manufactured with the combination of creativity and innovation, these products are also recognized and appreciated all around the world in prestigious Clinics, Hospitals, Sporting Centers, Sporting leagues as end-users. The creation of centres to engage Indian Athletes and Medical Patients through ABTP has also been instilled, which are Advanced Medical Rehabilitation Centres and Sport Science Centres like this are handled by professionally accredited sports scientists and physiotherapists with hands-on expertise with our product range.

Over the years, AFL has evolved from being just a pioneer of sports excellence, Medical Fitness and Rehabilitation to a leading distributor of Workwear for various Industries and raw material for Non-Woven Fabric.

AFL’s associated partners in the textile industry are geared with technological superiority and skilled manpower with the capacity of producing over 5 Million Meters of Fabric every month. Our wide product range of weaves like Twills, Satins, Dobbies, Oxfords, Ducks, Canvases & Yarn-dyed Fabric can be processed as RFGD, Bleached, dyed & Printed in Special Finishes like Teflon, Nano, Resin, Wrinkle Free, Easy Care, Flame-Retardant, Water Repellent, Rain & Stain Proof and many other finishes required by the specialized industries across the globe.

Today, with these developments, we have been successful in creating a huge customer base in the International Market for Protective Workwear and Non-Woven fabric. Driven by the spirit to diversify and vision to succeed, AFL is not only concentrating on expanding its organization but also promises to build on the fundamentals, mutual growth, and positive business relationships.

Dr. Apjit Singh Bindra (Chairman)

A Prominent Indian Entrepreneur with over 40 years of Experience, Dr. A.S. Bindra has represented over 20 International Organisations in India, spear-heading their expansion in the country. The Chairman and Managing Director of Abhinav Futuristics Private Limited, he has been key in establishing State of the Art Technology in the Healthcare and Sporting Sector, which has impacted the lives of Athletes and Medical Patients across the country.
He has also been instrumental in advising National Policy on various industries as a Key member of industries such as Trade and Industrial Management

Abhinav A. Bindra (Vice-Chairman)

Mr. Abhinav Bindra is India's only individual Olympic Gold Medalist and a 5-Time Olympian. He is currently a member of the IOC Athletes’ Commission and has been involved in work with Global Sport on various key issues. Now an Entrepreneur, he is also equally invested in Indian Grassroots Sports Development, using Sports Science and Technology.  

Dr. Digpal Ranawat (Director)

Dr. Digpal Ranawat is the Director of Abhinav Futuristics Pvt. Ltd. and one of the leading experts on Sport Science and Technology in the country. He has been directly involved in the setting up the ABTP centres across the country, and overlooks the strategic expansion and sustainability of the organisation. He has also coordinated the import of High-Value Technological Assets into India and built partnerships with Manufacturers in the Sport and Healthcare sectors. He is a regular speaker and panelist at the highest platforms of sport in the country as well as a member of the ISSF Medical Committee.

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