Spine Corrector

Leading-edge Functionality & Ergonomic Design
BASI Systems® Spine Corrector has orthopedic padded cushioning and easy-grip padded handles. Its curved bottom design makes it easier to lift and reposition. The BASI Systems® Spine Corrector is designed to take advantage of the F2 System® add-on, which brings leading-edge functionality to barrel work! With the innovative F2 System®, springs can attach at a multitude of angles and resistance levels for expansive and innovative repertoire.

- Orthopedic padded cushioning
- Ergonomic design supports optimal positioning and movement
- Prepared ports support the F2 System® ugrade, adding a highly versatile spring system to spine corrector work
- F2 System® levers serve as handles to place shoulders and wrists in optimal position for weight bearing exercises

Spine Corrector width length height

15.5" / 40 cm 21.7" / 55 cm 37.5 / 95 cm
with rubber handles 24.8" / 63 cm 39" / 100 cm 15" / 37.5 cm
with F2 System 33" / 84 cm 39" / 100 cm 15" / 37.5 cm

Your Spine Corrector comes with easy-grip rubber handles.

F2 System

Add highly versatile springs to barrel work with BASI Systems’ revolutionary F2 System®.