Walker View Med

Every operator in the sector dreams of a treadmill that could simultaneously assess both Gait Analysis and the movement of all parts of the body.
This would all have to be in real time so as to immerse the client in a virtual environment.
Walker View, the TecnoBody treadmill, has transformed that dream into reality.

Stance control

The TecnoBody treadmill is equipped with a sensitive load cell belt. This technology allows the assessment of stance during ambulation and, thanks to the powerful software interface, corrects dynamic parameters in real time. Once the test is finished, the system automatically prints the Gait Analysis report.

3D camera

Located in front of the Walker View system the 3D camera is able to "scan" your patient. This powerful camera is equipped with two optics: a bi-dimensional camera and an infrared camera. The electronic processing of these two opticals of extremely high technology allows, as if by magic , the real-time reconstruction of every single movement of your patient without the need to apply any marker on the body. The operator rotating the viewing point thanks to Pc touch screen , it's like to put around the patient endless mirrors to give a dynamic viewpoint of one's body (posture) not only in the frontal plane but 360 degrees .

Postural control

The 46 inch monitor positioned at the front of the Walker View system is none other than a digital mirror that can provide the client with powerful feedback on controlling their posture when in movement. Highly powerful mirrors that can digitalise the patient’s image and rotate it on all planes for a complete three-dimensional vision.

Virtual reality

With Walker View you can immerse your patients in virtual environments and give them real-time feedback of control both of postural type and in symmetry of the footing on the soil. Virtual environments allow you to emotionally involve the patient and make her/him an active part in the rehabilitation process. The stimuli can be modified in relation to the patient's perceptive ability in terms of speed and/or combinations of movements (jump an obstacle , taking objects by the upper limbs , etc.)

TecnoBody Key

Each client is unique and each client has their own program, so each client has a TecnoBody Key. Upon insertion into any TecnoBody device, the system recognizes the client and automatically programs the guided training. TecnoBody Key contains not only your client’s training programs, but also and above all, their assessment statistics: force, balance, stability, flexibility, etc. TecnoBody Key is a powerful and flexible system for your patient to follow him/her professionally in all its rehabilitation phases.

WalkerView is a running for sport medicine, rehabilitation, locomotion therapy, gait and motion analysis and cardiology.
It's provided of a PC user deck with touch screen (15") and a widw LCD feedback screen (48 "), detection load surface (load sensor matrix) and an integrated 3D camera for mtion capture.

General specifications
PC control touch-screen 15 "
LCD monitor 47 " for virtual reality and biofeedback
Gait analysis by 3D camera detection and force platform
Integrated 3D camera for motion capture
Key access to TecnoBody Management System connection

Dimensions L: 2750 mm (9 ft) P: 900 mm (3 ft) A: 2050 mm (6.7 ft)
Weight 280 kg (617 lbs)
Running surface L: 160 cm (63")  P: 51 cm (20")
Access height 15 cm (6") low profile
Speed range 0-20 km/h (0-12.42 mph)
Incremental step 0,2 km/h (0.12 mph)
Reverse speed range 0,5 km/h (0-3.1 mph)
Elevation 0-15 % (9°)
Heart rate monitoring POLAR ® wireless
Pc interface Complety programmable in terms of speed, elevation and heart rate
Functions Gait Analysis to record step length, step speed, step symmetry and range
of motion of trunk, hips and ankles
Motor system 2 KW (2.6 HP)
Load range 0-150 kg (0-330 lbs)
Precision 0,5 kg (17.6 oz)
Eletric parameters 230 VAC, 50 hz, 15 A,  dedicated line
Power 3 KW
Conformity Conform european guideline medical device 93/42/CEE
EN 60601-1 (CEI 62-5) III ° edition
Guarantee 12 months

TecnoBody Management System

Walker-View is the only treadmill with an embedded PC platform that monitors and records step length, step speed, step symmetry range of motion of hips, knees and ankles. All these function create an unique system for a complete and usable Gait Analysis without any dressed device.

Test and Training Module

The software provides several tests and training module: six minutes walking test (6MVT), Balke Treadmill Test, Cooper Treadmill Test, training modules for a walking/running driver by a Posture Control.

Gait Analysis Module

TEST module for Gait Analysis, Posture Control and Aerobic Endurance.

User profile builder

There is a costumized user profile builder with the complete control of speed and slope..