TBed represents a milestone in the physiotherapy sector. The classic “table” for the treatment has been transformed from a simple “passive” accessory to an intelligent “active” system, at the service of your hands and your competence. The system is provided inside it by a network, crowded with sensors that can get every single interactions therapist-patient and can show it real-time on the touchscreen pc. The operator thanks to TBed software can modulate with a precision of one millimeter the intensity of his manipulations, the duration and the frequency of the treatment. A powerful instrument that only your talent will can get all the potentiality.

3 Motors

TBed is provided of three motors. One motor is used to lift up and down the entire system and others to tilt the flat surfaces of the spine and legs.

4 Sections

The system is divided in four sections: scapular, lumbar, pelvis and legs. Every section has inside it a series of sensors that allow recreate the position of the applied pressure center.

4 inclinometers

Every section is provided by an accelerometer to establish its inclination. This is necessary to execute tests, by setting standard positions for every patients. Knowing the angle of every inclination is also necessary for the operator during the treatment.

Chains closing

To execute tests of muscular tensions it’s necessary to close the chain to avoid compensations that could stagger the measurement. For this reason TBed has adjustable footrest customizable for every patient that allows closing symmetrically the chain.

Active matrix

TBed system is provided by sensors that allow to draw the position of the applied pressure points by the operator in real-time. So at the end of the recording of a treatment, it’s possible to show precisely on the pc which are areas with the major application.


The operator must prepare objective evaluations for a correct rehabilitative approach. The TBed is equipped with a dense network of sensors able to register in real time the tensions of the posterior chains as well as the postural symmetries of the patient being examined. Evaluations are simple, quick and intuitive. The final objective is that the evaluation help the operator to understand his patient better, demonstrating the effectiveness of the performed treatment.


The real revolution in the TBed system is the treatment in feedback. When the operator exerts a given pressure on the patient, it is automatically read by the sensor matrices inserted in the TBed’s four sections and displayed on the computer in real time. The bed transforms from a simple “Passive” accessory for treatment to an “Active” system at the service of the professional’s hands. Thanks to the TBed software, the operator can precisely modulate the intensity of manoeuvres, duration and frequency of work. There are many other TBed software functions such as inserting the maximum load thresholds or points of pain reported by the patient. Only your talent can harness all the potential of this powerful tool.

TBed represents the state-of-art of medical devices in physiotherapy sector. TBed is a four-section treatment couch completely sensorized. The couch is provided by a sensors network, which can get every single interactions therapist-patient and can show it in real-time on the Computer.

Dimension L: 2200 mm A: 640 mm
Weight 160 kg
Height adjustments 52 - 97 cm
Maximum lifting capacity 150 kg
Electronic adjustment Back and seat
Commands adjustment mobile control panel for adjusting the back and seat
Manual adjustment Head and legs sections
Patient support Support arms for the arms
Transport System for the mobility on wheels
Sampling frequency 20 hz
Maximum reading load 150 kg
Load resolution 0,1 kg
Reading angular sections 1 ° of resolution
Accurately 0,5 kg
Electric supply 230 VAC, 50 hz, 3 A
Absorbed power 700 Watts
Conformity Device 93/42/CEE -CLASS I
EN 60601-1 III ° edition - CLASS I - Type B
Guarantee 12 months

The tests of tension and symmetry

Due to a mathematical algorithm patented by TecnoBody, the tension report supplies the index of tensions developed by the patient’s posterior chain at pre-set TBed angles (120°-105°-90°).
The symmetry reports show the difference in tensions exerted by the various bodily segments on the front plane. This evaluation is fundamental for pointing out the rotations of the bodily segments, in particular on the pelvic and/or thoracic level.

The monitor for treatment

The simple, clear and intuitive report shows fundamental data such as the load quantity transferred from the therapist to the patient, the areas most treated and the average trajectories of the applied forces. The report is the point of arrival,what every professional has always wanted to show a patient at the end of treatment, objectively enhancing his professionalism.

Postural training

The TBed software training modules offer numerous proposals for therapeutic exercise with Feedback to refine and consolidate post-treatment postural training.


There are several games for postural adjustment, capable of attracting the attezione the patient during the training sessions