A Force platform ... A 3D camera... Fully integrated...It is intuitive, simple, smart... It’s Iso-Shift.

Sensorized surface

The Base of support of Iso Shift system is a sensorized platform with four load cells which can detect in real time the distribution of loads to the ground of your patient. In practice the base of support of the Iso - free system is a large extremely sensitive stabilometric platform certified Medical Device (class I), with a ground resolution of 1 mm and a frequency of acquisition of 20Hz. The top of the stand with screen printing allows you to separate the Right-Left and Anterior-Posterior in a clear and intuitive way for a correct evaluation of the position of the center of the patient's pressure both static and dynamic phase.

3D camera

Located in front of the system the 3D camera is able to "scan" your patient. This powerful camera is equipped with three optics: a two-dimensional camera, an infrared camera and an ultrasound camera. The electronic processing of these three optical technology allows extremely high, as if by magic, the real-time reconstruction of every single movement of your patient without the need to apply any marker on the body. The operator rotating the viewing point thanks to Pc touch screen, it's like around the patient put endless mirrors to give a dynamic viewpoint of one's body (posture) not only in the frontal plane but 360 degrees.

Regulation of force

No pivot to insert, no ‘weight pack’ as load... this is all in the past. A simple touch screen suffices and the sophisticated pneumatic circuit automatically modifies the force load. And there’s more… load can be regulated quickly and practically thanks to the aluminium Digital Encoder positioned on the front of the system. When the client’s TecnoBody Key is inserted, the system automatically modifies the loads and all force regulations specified in the client’s personal program.

Arms regulation

Iso-Shift is equipped with two independent mechanical and adjustable arms both in the frontal and the sagittal plane. This articulated mechanical system allows you to expand its versatility for both targeted exercises of the upper limbs ( intra -extra rotator shoveling , biceps , triceps , etc) and trunk exercises ( Core Stability ) . The adjustment of the arms of Iso-Shift during the training program suggested by the system, it is simple and guided by the instructions of the software (control plane and on the High-Low setting on the anterior-posterior plane).

TecnoBody Key

Each client is unique and each client has their own program, so each client has a TecnoBody Key. Upon insertion into any TecnoBody device, the system recognizes the client and automatically programs the guided training. TecnoBody Key contains not only your client’s training programs, but also and above all, their assessment statistics: force, balance, stability, flexibility, etc. TecnoBody Key is a powerful and flexible system for your patient to follow professionally in all its rehabilitation phases.

IsoShift Versatility

Iso-Shift is an open and flexible system. Exercises that are weight-free, require small equipment, or use free weights can be performed on this machine with unprecedented interaction. The Personal Trainer or Physiotherapist will have a powerful communication tool available to them, where tricky concepts such as posture and load control can be easily explained and practically demonstrated. Today, operators have a new ally that will only enhance their professional performance.

ISO-SHIFT is the world’s first cable machines that incorporate the ability to recognize the movement and the balance for a controlled and effectively functional training. ISO-SHIFT with its dynamic geometry is specific for all training of upper limbs. ISO- SHIFT is for sport medicine, rehabilitation, and occupational therapy. It’s provided of a PC User deck with touch screen (23”), detection load surface (load sensor matrix) and an integrated 3D Camera for motion capture.

General specifications
PC Control Touch-Screen 23”
Motion Analysis by 3D Camera detection and force platform
Integrated 3D Camera for motion capture
TecnoBody Key Access for connection to TecnoBody Management System
(interconnection system of TecnoBody Rehab and Medical Fitness system)

Dimension L: 2440 mm D: 1300 mm H: 1920 mm
Weight 220 kg
Operative surface 100 cm x 100 cm
Access height 15 cm
PC Interface completely programmable in terms of work programs,
test and training
Functions Motion Analysis and Force Platform to record and check correct movements,
balance and posture
Resistance Range 0-15 kg (unilateral)
Increment step 0,5 kg
Cable Extension 2 m (bilateral)
Platform Load range 0-300 kg
Precisioe 0,2 kg
Voltage supply 230 VAC, 50 hz, 2,5 A,  dedicated line
Power 600 W
Conformity Device 93/42/CEE
EN 60601-1 III ° edition CLASSE I - TYPE B
Guarantee 12 months

TecnoBody Management System

ISO-SHIFT embedded software is a powerful aid for Personal Trainer or Physiotherapist to plan and track fitness program of the clients and, in the other hand, is a really efficient system to help the patients during functional training.

Assessment Module

The systems of Functional Line are equipped with specific modules for the functional evaluation . The aim is to verify how the customer - patient reacts to "over -load" conditions in common activities like pushups leg , abductions shoulders , bust -ups. In addition, the 3D camera allows to read all body segments in real time and to measure up the dynamic range of motion . The latest software of the platform Functional systems ( TBMS 2.0 ) is also equipped with an extremely powerful postural module that offers a range of certified testing for both static and dynamic orthostatic control ( Romberg test , LOS , BESS , etc. ) .

Training Module

The essence of Functional systems is actually the functional training after a thorough evaluation . The Biofeedback of devices is powerful and it is essentially based on three display parameters which provided in real time to the client - patient : its 2D and 3D image, the load control on the ground , the trunk control . A very sophisticated algorithm which developed by TecnoBody research center , can calculate in real-time and automatically not only the number of repetitions of the executed training , but also how the exercise has been done , " Quality " of the movement rather than quantity . Many of the training programs that pre - loaded into the system ( more than 150 , divided by anatomical regions ) can be executed through TecnoBody Key either individually or in sequence .

Squat Jump Module

The new Squat Jump software of TecnoBody is truly innovative. Applicable only to new Functional Performance Line devices software module allows you to see in real time not only the classical parameters of the jump like power, strength, height, speed, but also to analyze posture and all kinematic parameters of body segments of an athlete during athletic movement.

The 3D digital graphic representation allows to study all phases of the jump, frame by frame, at different viewing angles. The squat jump software also allows you to analyze the development of the "pile of the Center of Pressure" (CoP) during loading phase and during the delicate phase of landing.

Game Module

There are several games for functional training, capable of attracting the attention of the patient during the training sessions . TecnoBody Management System The Iso Lift system is fully integrated with the TecnoBody Management System and the platform software which manages all devices of the TecnoBody Line.

TecnoBody Management System

The Iso-shift system is fully integrated with the TecnoBody Management System and the platform software which manages all devices of the TecnoBody Line..
Main features of the system:
- Personal details database and shared user data
-Creation of customized training programs associated directly to the user profile
-User recognition in the circuit through the exclusive TecnoBody Key
-Functionality of "user's guide" to facilitate the use of self-user systems. The user can independently authenticate the circuit through its TecnoBody Key and run the
training on different TecnoBody systems.
-Functionality of planning and reporting of test sessions
-Overall Report of the test sessions and training sessions

TecnoBody Management System
Complete integration with the TecnoBody Management System (connection with all the Postural Functional Circuit systems)
Anagrafica utenti
User database
Reload of assessments and user report
Print of individual assessments, evaluation session, training sessions reports