A perfect control

A Perfect Control to guarantee a perfect movement control are necessary two fundamental elements in a last generation isokinetic system: a couple high yield motor and an electronic control system in real-time. ISOMOVE is equipped with both the elements. A couple motor able to provide 450 N/m and an electronic control with sampling frequency to 1250 Hz. The balance of these two elements allows a fluid, linear and precise movement.

Elastic Exercise - Flex control

In the daily rehabilitative practice it’s really widespread the exercise with rubber bands. The experience and many clinical studies show that the elastic exercise has many advantages including the fluidity, the continuity and the most important the movement typology: concentric-eccentric in a natural way. ISOMOVE shows all its potentials in the perfect electronic control simulating an elastic system thank to the exclusive software Flex Control. Until now none isokinetic system has been able to present a so precise and natural control.

The Precision Mechanics

Our nervous system receptor during a classical flex-extention exercise of the knee is able to perceive any disturbing element, especially when there is an external resistance. During the developed of ISOMOVE system the TecnoBody designers realized an extreme precise mechanic that it’s able to guarantee a movement transmission the most accurate possible. Also in the tibiae contact, critical for the elevate energy transfer; ISOMOVE is equipped with a linear with axial cushions that delete any friction. The results are a perfect movement, perceived as fluid and natural.

The Force Control

An isokinetic device born principally for two motivations: accelerate and refine the rehabilitative intervention and, during the evaluative phase, quantify the developed force. ISOMOVE inside is equipped with the best technologies for the detection of the applied force inserted principally in the unity X Sensor.

The Adjustments

For a correct Flex-Extension exercise of the knee it is necessary place correctly the patient in relation with the anthropometrical very precise data. The Isomove system is equipped with the horizontal adjustment of the seat, the back inclination and very important there is also the adjustment of the rotation fulcrum. This adjustment aligns the rotation center of the knee with the one of the system.

ISOMOVE is a system of evaluation of the knee joint force in ISOKINETICS, ISOMETRIC, ISOTONIC and CPM mode.

Touch screen monitor 20” widescreen:Resolution: 1600 x 900 pixels
Adjustable seat height, depth and backrest angle
Scrolling dynamic measurement arm
Support platform 110x110 cm


Base: 110 cm x 110 cm x 150 cm

PC: 60 cm x 80 cm x 100 cm

Weight 450 kg
Tipe of system ISOKINETIC system monoarticular (knee)
Use modality: Isokinetic Concentric/Eccentric - Isotonic - Isometric - CPM
Function Soft Stop in ISOKINETIC and CPM
Sampling frequency From 100 hz To 500 hz
Maximum couple of ISOKINETIC module 450 N/m
Angular Velocity 400°/s
Arm Type Dynamic arm for a further accuracy in the measurements
Settings Adjustable chair height (for limb dimensions), depth (for the seat)
Electric Supply 230 VAC, 50 hz, 9 A
Power consumption 2 KW
Conformity European guideline Medical Device 93/42/CEE -­ CLASS IIa Type B
Guarantee 12 months

Isokinetic Module

The isokinetic resistance mode allows , during the whole arc of movement , to maintain a constant speed.
-Speed and maximum torque for concentric mode 360 ° / s - 450 Nm
-Speed and maximum torque for eccentric mode 200 ° / s - 400 Nm

C.P.M. Module

The CPM mode of passive movement allows an immediate intervention for all patients and in all stages of rehabilitation . Patients can perform the step of CPM rehabilitation securely with the torque limitation . The torque limitidi can be set from 1 Nm . If the torque limit is exceeded during an eccentric contraction , the system will stop; the exercise will restart when the it goes under the established torque limit.
The passive speed can be adjusted between 1 ° / s and up to 30 ° / s limit.

Isometric Module

The isometric mode is commonly used in the phase of preoperative and postoperative, or when there is pain associated in movement . The ISOMOVE system involves the use of such a mode allowing the best positioning within the 120° movement. Isometric peak torque : 450 Nm

Isotonic Module

The isotonic mode allows you to set up a resistance to the constant movement with a variable rate of exercise. It is ideal for the status of dependent work simulation constant throughout the range of motion.
The isotonic resistance can be adjusted between 1 Nm and up to 400 Nm limit